White Paper on Gastronomy Cultural Heritage and Tourism Digital Marketing

The White Paper on GASTRONOMY CULTURAL HERITAGE AND TOURISM DIGITAL MARKETING is a research study in six different countries from Europe (Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain) on the link between specific gastronomy and tourism in the rural areas from these countries.

White Paper on GASTRONOMY CULTURAL HERITAGE AND TOURISM DIGITAL MARKETING aims to be an research study on the future trends for Human capital from Villages, focused on adults, mainly women, as key role in the efficient performance of strategies for inclusive development of rural communities by gastronomy tourism, in which private institutions, entrepreneurs, workers, the public sector, universities and vocational training centres, among others, are essential for achieving the development of a sound, sustainable tourism sector.

Specific objectives

The project Flavours of Europe aims:

  • to investigate through policy and document analysis, as well as through quantitative and qualitative survey
  • to investigate the provision of opportunities in the public/sector for digital and employability training courses, services for low-skilled adults, tools, consultancies etc.
  • to identify and designate 8 tourism learning environments formed of tourism stakeholders from rural deprived areas.

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